Technology Solutions

Swift Wave Enterprises provides solutions and tech support.
Owner & operator Gord Pincock builds and optimizes websites, configures and synchronizes Apple products, installs operating systems, sets up cloud storage, connects email accounts, provides enhanced workflow suggestions, boosts online security and offers a broad spectrum of backup and troubleshooting solutions for homes and small businesses utilizing Mac and iOS devices.
Gord provides onsite consultations and solutions in the vicinity of Sechelt, British Columbia. Remote support and troubleshooting options are also available.

Data backups are best configured before anything goes wrong with your computer. Gord would be pleased to assist you in setting up basic or comprehensive backups, before your system is compromised. Once a catastrophic system malfunction occurs, data recovery options may become limited unless an up-to-date backup exists. Gord can help you set up Time Machine backups and bootable clones. For even more comprehensive security for critical data, regularly updated offsite backups are recommended.

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